Before starting on your dream home, we will make sure you feel at home with us


Started as a real estate agency, Grupo Dvos has grown from an agency selling properties, to a building developer providing people from all over the world with brand new homes.

GRUPO, which translates from Spanish as “group,” refers to the smaller subsidiary enterprises within our company that make up our brand.

Real Estate




Concierge services

Interior Architecture


Combined together, these create the structure and the organisation of the company and allow us to cater to all of your necessities.

DVOS refers to the last name of our founder. After spending time travelling the world, Koen De Vos wanted to bring his touch of internationalism to the Spanish market and leave his mark on the Real Estate industry in the region.

At GRUPO DVOS we are a diverse well integrated cosmopolitan team, speaking Dutch/Flemish, German, English, Italian, Swedish, French, and of course Spanish.

All of our team members have been meticulously chosen as much for their expertise and knowledge as well as for their individuality and sociable character.

We all share the same dedication and passion for our industry and market

We also recognize and align ourself with the values that lie at the core of our company, staying true to our mission and maintaining authenticity as a brand.

Our company values are reflected throughout every single project : belief, quality, enjoyment, professionalism, and of course dream.