Golden Visa Guide

Residency by investment in the Costa del Sol and Spain

Longer stays and permanent residency in Spain

Designed not only as a magnet for foreign investment but also as a solution for visitors wishing to stay more than 90 days within a 180-day period, the Spanish Golden Visa program is a bridge for non-EU nationals who dream of spending long, uninterrupted seasons under the Spanish sun.

This investor visa program grants not just the privilege of longer sojourns but also the potential of permanent residency and a pathway to citizenship.


Investment options

  • The acquisition of one or several properties with a minimum value of €500.000.
  • Investment funds, bank deposits or shares in companies listed in Spanish financial institutions for a minimum value of €1.000.000.
  • Government bonds with a value of minimum €2.000.000.

Financial requirements to apply for the golden visa:

  • The property has to be free of debts.
  • Main Applicant: Minimum monthly income of €2,259.60 or savings totaling €27,115.20.
  • Each dependent (spouse or child): Monthly income of €564.90 or savings of €6,778.80.

Residency Duration and Path to Citizenship:

  • Initially, the visa allows one to live in Spain for one year.
  • Post this, one can apply for a residence permit which allows them to live in Spain for two years, renewable for another two years.
  • After living in Spain for five continuous years, it is possible to apply for a long-term residence.
  • Citizenship can generally be applied for after 10 years of residency. However, it’s important to note that residency via the Golden Visa program doesn’t require one to live in Spain full-time. Thus, if the applicant spends less than six months a year in Spain, the 10-year route to citizenship will be longer.

Application Process:

  • The application can often be completed online or through a Spanish consulate.
  • Upon approval, one can then collect the visa from the Spanish consulate.


  • Freedom to travel across the Schengen zone without an additional visa.
  • Option to bring family members, including spouse, children under 18, and dependent parents.
  • No need to reside in Spain permanently; you can maintain the visa by visiting once a year.

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The Golden Visa program is attractive for investors looking for flexibility, as they aren’t required to live in Spain full-time.

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